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father. meanwhile the baby's mother is pleading for the 16-year-old to safely return her son. >> if you know her it's a 7 month baby. you have to have some type of heart. you know where she at. >> reporter: now neighbors and family and friends had a vigil last night and again, police are considering this a missing person's case. they don't think it was an abduction. and they don't believe the baby is -- has been harmed. again, they are -- they do have reason to believe the baby sitter may be closer to the dc area in prince george's or montgomery county. linda so, abc2 news. . it's 5:30. and new this morning, a unique medical facility for children is set to open in baltimore city and it's the only one on the east coast. dr. bob's place a hospice center for children will offer in-patient treat starting today. hospice care emphasis pain and
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symptom management to improve the quality of life for those with terminal illnesses. they accept patients 18 years and under. liking at news around nation, oregon congressman david rue is resisting calls for hisresignation. according to a newspaper in oregon, the young woman called the oregon democrat's office this spring to report the incident. the woman is reportedly the daughter of long time campaign donor and top democrat in the house nancy pelosi who is calling for an ethics investigation. 14 boys were badly hurt by a bear and her cub during a survival skill hike in the alaskan wilderness. now the victims and other members were rescued when state troopers responded to their emergency beacon. there were no instructors with the group and they were on the 24th day of a 30-day backpacking course learning about team work and wilderness related skills. a 17-year-old girl is lucky
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to be alive this morning. she was digging a tunnel in the sand when it collapsed around here and buried her alive. the teen was trapped for nearly two minutes as the family frantically dug to get her out. they pulled her out and she was blue but had a feint heartbeat a bystander administered cpr and she has been released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. check out this fire in los angeles. a huge flame devoured the apartment complex. the firefighter tried to get this under control. firefighters believe this sparked intentionally and they suspect it is one of at least 7 fires started in the area over the past weekend. officials say most fires startedas car fires but spread to buildings. he's just 7 years old but people are lining up to meet the kid and get his signature. >> coming, how they are hoping to help him get an animal that could help this young boy live a normal life. with this ring. >> with this ring. >> i thee wed. >> the word hundreds of same
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sex couples were waiting to hear. now wedding bells are ringing all over the state of new york. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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5:36. time may be running out for congress to pass a grand bargein to reduce spending -- bargain to reduce spending and raise the debt ceiling. john boehner told fellow republicans president obama is not serious about making a deal. sherrie johnson is here with the latest on the talks. >> reporter: well, with congressional negotiators deadlocked president obama and the house speaker took matters into their hand and resumed talks for a deal to renews the debt. yesterday the house speaker signaled a three trillion dollar deal with deep spending cuts and 800 billion in added rif new in play e wanted -- revenue in play e wanted to send a positive message to the asian markets. but that just didn't happen. the speaker says he was ready to make a deal last week but the president demand for more taxes broke off talks. the white house says there was
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never an agreement. congress spent the day work on a separate fall back plan to caught trillion but democrats and republicans different on how long the increase in the debt ceiling should last. some democratic leaders met with the president at the white house to plot a course moving forward. >> negotiations are not over until they are over and people sign a piece of document, a piece of paper. the president and the speaker were extremely close. >> my last offer is still out there. i've never take mien last offer off the table. -- taken my last offer off the table. >> reporter: the president says he won't sign a temporary dealas for the bigger deal it's not clear if the house speaker can round up enough votes to pass and it may be too big with a week left before the august 2nd deadline when the u.s. government would default on the loans. a 7-year-old with epilepsy says a service dog would make his life much easier. now to pay for the dog, he is
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written a book and evan moss wrote a 26-page book called my seizure dog and wrote it and did the illustrations and it represents his take on what that dog would do for his life. >> the dog would eat pizza with me. if i go to outer space, the seizure dog would come, too. >> most people here have been a part of the seven years we have been dealing with this. >> a lot of people we know, but the majority of the people in the line we have never met. >> evan knows the dog will alert his family when he is having a life-threatening seizure caused by the epilepsy. they need $13,000 to get the specially trained dog and they are using proceeds from the book to try to raise the money. at 5:38 we are watching the satellite radar composit and we have been tracking storms through southern maryland and they are fading away and regenerating south of the
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borderfrom chris field south into the delmarva portion of virginia. we are looking at this stuff rotating its way up to the north and a little circulation here in the atmosphere being pulled back in and i think ahead of the frontal bondry and we are filling in showers the next couple hours. so we could have storms forming before the lunch hour and our future radar indicating that pushing its way with that eastern wind and i think northeastern maryland is better shot this morning and this is after 10 or 11 through lunchtime. we will watch for storms to form and anyone of the storms has the potential for torrential downpours and localized flooding and i think the biggest threat for the storms is they work their way down the bay. and all of us get a shot of heavy rain and it could come by lunchtime. 92 the two degree guaranteed high. whetherw will it break? we get a little relief ---- when will it break? we will get a little relief later. >> reporter: let's look at the beltway on the southwest side. making your way from
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catonsville to arbutus at wilkins, traffic is moving well in both directions. in crownsville, anne arundel county, we had a -- we have a road closure 450 westbound. that's closed. there's debris in the road possibly a tree. megan. >> thanks. we are 20 minutes away from 6. and today more than 100 critically ill children in maryland will have a day of fun in the sun. captain in the downtown sailing center and pirate adventure are launching a sailing adventures. families can go sailing or discover treasures on board a pirate ship. action kicks off at 9:30 part of the casey care foundation. nearly 100 people died in one of the worst massacres in norway's history. >> this morning the man suspected of carrying out the rampage says wants to explain his action and will face a judge. >> reporter: if you thought
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construction downtown is bad now, just wait. i am linda so. we are going to enter the newphase in preparation for the baltimore grand prix. what it means for your commute.
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news time is 5:43. welcome been a. get ready to -- welcome back. get ready to wave the checkered flag. this morning linda so is live downtown where the details on the next phase of the growing project is. >> reporter: well, construction on the two mile track will begin today. a race clock wall will go up here at the corner of bright and pratt streets that happens at 7 this evening. if you go through downtown baltimore i've seen the detour signs in preparation for the grand prix race that's going to be held here labor day weekend. the race is expected to draw thousands to the city and later today, officials for the race will be on hand to talk about the event and detail surrounding construction of the track. again, that happens at 7 tonight here at the corner of light and pratt streets in downtown baltimore. live in baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. new morning, gay and
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lesbian couples headed to the altar in new york on sunday and it seems people in our country are accepting same sex marriage more and more often. a study by the group third way found that in the last 15 years, support has actually gone from 27% to 53%. the number of fortune 500 companies offering benefits for same sex couples or their employees and partners increased from 19 to 291 companies. and 58% of people believe that homosexuality should be accepted by society mark an increase of 14 percentage points from 1996. big weekend for same sex marriages. supporters and possibly caterers too. hundreds of same sex couples said i do in new york. >> i now pronounce you legally married. >> more than 800 couples signed up to take their vows in and around new york city. the hours in a marriage office were extended to prepare for
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the influx of people getting the marriage licenses. today, many waited a long time to see. >> it was so amazing. it is the only way i can crib it-- describe it i lost my breath and few tiers -- tears and it's inscribable. >> it was a day of celebration for some and a day that others hoped wouldn't come. and they made sure their voices were herd as -- heard as well. >> i just hope they would let the people vote. politician shouldn't be the ones to vote for us. we should be voting for ourselves. >> those against the marriages continue to protest new york is leading the way for other states say officials. it's the 6th state to legalize same sex marriage. 35:46. news from around the world the man accused of the mass shooting in norway will have the first days -- first day in court. he will tell the world why he did it. more than 90 people are dead and still others missing
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following the massacre. police in norway say anders breivik had ammunition on hand when he was arrested. a vigil was held remembering the victims. >>i noser -- i have no words. feeling that i am going to die and that i heard so many shots. he never stopped shooting. >> hours before the two terror attacks, breivik posted a manifesto urging cultural conservatives to "embrace martyrdom. a train crash that killed 35 people in china left a girl unhurt. she was rescued 21 hours after two trains crashed. the girl was last -- was the last in the carriage of the train which stalled and was hit from behind by the second train. that girl's uncle says she was traveling with her parents and they didn't know if they had survived.
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now "maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> we broke our string of 100 degree days yesterday. and on this monday, we are actually this is the 25th of july, and the record high at 100 degrees. but the same date just two years earlier, it was the record low mark of 59. so before we get ahead of ourselves, we have had both extremes in recent years and looks like we are going to stay out of the record territory for today. we are watching a satellite radar composit overnight and this morning. and the one thing that jumps out is the storms north of the border in through ontario canada. but there's a frontal boundary that's the demarcation from the really warm soupy weather we have right now versus the drop in the humidity. and that's what will head our way through the middle of the week. but ahead of it, we are dealing with the flare-up of more
5:49 am
storms and the potential for torrential down pours. and that's from this morning into the afternoon hours. and the frontal boundary has until tomorrow to cross the region but we will gradually get improvement. because of the eastern wind we expect development of storms here and primarily at least according to our in-house computer model is on the northern portion of maryland. so from baltimore city up through baltimore county, southern p.a. and harford and cecil county, we could get morning storms and watch at least how this model indicates what's happening. there's a circulation here over central maryland and ahead of the prefrontal boundary and watch how it drives the rain back on down through maryland and so all of us get a shot of locally heavy rain but because of all the moisture be careful what you wish for. some storms what history of producing a quick 1 to 2 inch of rain as they stick over the same area. you could get more than that and that's too much for the drainage system that. could be a possibility with
5:50 am
slow moving heavy rains. today, another shot of storms coming through during the evening. and it looks like we may have the front kick off cloud and isolated storms on tuesday even. and today, some of the storms will be potential flooding in some areas. 92 degrees the two degree guarantee. we will drop into the upper 60s to near 70 as drier winds build in and we are looking for tomorrow, still hot and still an isolated storm but less humid with high temperatures back into the lower 90s. >> reporter: we are doing okaybetween the beltway the other than construction. traffic is moving pretty well. no problems to report between the baltimore beltway and capital beltway. here at the jfx we did have a disabled vehicle on the northbound side to the left of the screen. tow truck pulled that away. not ait canning traffic. 450 -- affecting traffic. 450 is now back open. she was considered one of
5:51 am
music's most recognizable stars and was found dead over the weekend in her london home. >> an autopsy is geed cowled -- scheduled for today revealing what may have caused her death. and this morning, we will hear from a woman who is accused -- who accused dominique strauss-kahn of sexual abuse. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning. ah, progress. what once took huge computers
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before you leave out here are five things to know. dominic strauss-kahn has not spoken publically about allegation he sexually assaulted a hotel chamber maid. today has accuser will speak out. she spoke to "good morning america" robin roberts and you can see the interview here on abc2 news. warren jeffs is due to stand trial beginning today. this stems from the 2008 on his church's ranch. he was charged with two counts of sexual assault on a child andone count of big mi. -- big mi. -- big amy. today officials are set to
5:55 am
announce a plan to -- eric holder and john brennen along with janet napolitano will make announcement this morning. an autopsy nor amy winehouse will happen today according to london's metropolitan police. body of the grammy award winning singer was found saturday in her london apartment. she was 27 years old. nfl players executive committee are in washington where a positive vote is expected today. if the committee votes yes, it will have to be voted on by all the players and that means the union has to be put back together. so, we will get football. the bottom line is players could show up for camp on wednesday. more on friday and signings on saturday. most of us know it can be annoying when you are waiting in line for a customer service representative to help you. >> it can be annoying. coming up, joce sterman abc2 news investigator tells us how waiting on hold can make you a
5:56 am
victim of a scam. >> a fishing oil may not be the tastiest thing but medical experts say there's benefits health wise. we will tell you. and a discovery in the middle east, that dates back 2,000 years. we will explain what it is and why it's so special. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." a baby boy is missing from baltimore and all he had on was a diaper. i am linda so, his mother is pleading for your help. we will show outpictures up next. the man who police say confessed to the norway teartor attack is expected to make his first court appearance. what authorities know about him so far. >> i note president is worried about his next election but my god shouldn't he be worried about the country.
5:59 am
>> the president cancels two fund raising appearances hoping they can resolve the debt ceiling crisis and we will have talks on how they hate setback. it's monday morning thanks for joining. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's go get to it -- let's get to it. it was a warm weekend. could a cool down be in store. let's say good morning to justin. >> yesterday we didn't hit a hundred at bwi and we will continue to improve today, temperatures going to stay in the 90s but it's going to come with the price tag of more widespread showers and storms, but i think a lot of you are holding out for it. 75 in easton. 79 in annapolis and columbia. factoring in the humidity and it's the upper 80s. it's a stifling morning. nothing fun about this. and we are watching the satellite and it highlights the clouds that make a return. showers firing up. if you have been watching, we were talking about

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